In PROBO Scratch, the blocks that can actually control the robots are added, so the children can see that the robot is moving according to the coded command. The process of learning coding is composed of a game format where the children explore the sky and sea together with the characters, so they can learn coding while having fun.

“Ino,” who left his place to give a birthday present to his friend, finds a treasure map and starts a coding trip with “I” for exploration!

Physical Computing

PROBO Coding System

Coding the specific mission and game of children using PROBO Scratch. The command that operates robots is added and the children can learn with fun.

Hardware Control

The children can see the motion of robots they have coded themselves on the spot and they can even touch the characters in the mission and game.

Various sensors

The children can program the robots with various sensors of PROBO and try various actions of the robots.

Interesting story in game style

A story with lots of contents that never make you tired

Sensors and blocks
that children can do many things with
Sensors and blocks that children can do many things with