After completing the previous step, you can link with other coding activities. There are various C language programs, such as GULC and PROBO Scratch, for easy and fun learning.

  • · Science knowledge and basic assembly course learning
  • · New concept patent technology combination method
  • · A program that promotes cooperation with friends
PROBO Connect Block Robot Level 4 Kit
PROBO Connect Level.1 Kit

F1 Car Spion

Suspension Car Lak

Bucket Excavator Blaster

Bike Robot Storm

Tank Robot CT-1

Smart Mobility Molly

Dinosaur Robot Alo

Carrier Robot Dili

Forklift Robot Poli

Excavator Robot Cabaitor

Waste Disposal Robot Roi

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Local production, safety certification, the best cohesion in Korea!

It is a product line that puts the first priority on the safety of children and acquired all safety certifications. It was developed without sharp parts for the safety of children.

In addition, it has the best cohesion among local products and allows easy assembly and disassembly using a unique pin-coupling method

  • CONNECT KIT Level 2 More
    CONNECT KIT Level 2 More
    CONNECT KIT Level 4 More
  • CONNECT KIT Level 3 More
    CONNECT KIT Level 1 More
    CONNECT KIT Level 4 More
PROBO Connect Block Robot Level 4 Kit
PROBO Connect Level.4 Kit
Robots can make the dreams of children come true

Step-wise curriculum!

Through a systematic curriculum for each level of children,

we nurture the dream of future robot scientists of children by helping them develop creativity and thinking skills.

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