PROBO Technic KIT Level 2

The children can learn coding in the process of controlling many input and output devices. Using the CPU, infrared board, switchboard, LED, etc., that were issued in Level 1, they can control the robot as programmed.

  • · LEVEL1 - The first step to understand the robot's basic structure and motion
  • · LEVEL2 - Understand the motion of vehicles with the theory and use of remote control
  • · LEVEL3 - Scientific exploration of various robot parts
  • · LEVEL4 - Combination of real life and robot and robot creation activities
  • · LEVEL5 - Understanding the complex structure of heavy-equipment robots and their utilization
  • · LEVEL6 - Operation of battle program with sports-type battle robot
  • · LEVEL7 - Advanced exploration activities that added coding to creative robot
PROBO Technic KitLevel 2

Worker Mono

Train LineTrain

Martial Arts Rolling Fighter

Wart Mantis

Combat Shotgun

Motorcycle Cooter

Truck Dump

cultivator Deoldeori

Carrier Loader

Battle Poseidon

Monster Hammer

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Using this kit, the children do creative activities by understanding the robot’s basic structure and motion,

output device control, programming control, servomotor, and sensor application. This kit will attract interest from children.

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PROBO Technic Kit Level 2
Robots can make the dreams of children come true

Step-wise curriculum!

Through a systematic curriculum for each level of children,

we nurture the dream of future robot scientists of children by helping them develop creativity and thinking skills.

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